CCUSA Tax Service. The quickest, easiest way to Get Your US Tax Return

Enrolling for the CCUSA Tax Service

Enrolling in the CCUSA Tax Service is a simple process.

  1. Select and download the Enrollment Documents that pertain to the season you worked in the USA.   Complete the Contract and Power of Attorney and return these to the CCUSA Tax office.
  2. Once the CCUSA Tax Service receives your W-2 form(s), complete the Tax Service Questionnaire
Once we have all your paperwork, your tax return will be submitted.  It couldn't be any easier! If you have any other questions regarding the enrollment process, please check the FAQs on this page.
Enrollment Documents

You need to complete two documents: 1) the CCUSA Tax Service ‘contract’ and 2) the CCUSA Tax Service ‘power of attorney’. 

The Tax Service Enrollment packages below contains both the files you need.  Simply select the form that pertains to your program and year, fill out the forms and mail these originals to our office.

If you are a participant from a previous year, please contact the CCUSA Tax Service Office